At NM Informatics, we offer comprehensive Website Designing services that not only satisfy the sense of aesthetics of online buyers and visitors, but also fulfill the purpose of your business by creating a lasting impression in the minds of people.

We live in a world where chasing the information that you need has become increasingly task. So a document sharing software delivers the technologies, tools, and methods used to capture, manage, store, deliver and dispose of 'documents' across an originality. It makes your documents work for you instead of you working hard to organize and manage your documents.

Gone are the days when files and documents were exchanged on removable media. Thanks to the document sharing tactic, people can distribute and share N-number of digitally stored information. Computer programs, documents, Flash Presentation, electronic books, multimedia files etc. can be easily accessed from any computer, anywhere.

While the process of Decentralizing business continues, it becomes more important for companies to find a way for securely sharing information among all its stakeholders around the globe.

NM Informatics is all you need

We, at NM Informatics offer an easy, secure and reliable method of document sharing. You may upload and store any document; share them with anyone, no matter where they are.

Why Document Sharing is Important

  • Reduced cost for storage
  • Flexible retrieval & indexing
  • Faster search & disaster recovery
  • Enhanced security of files
  • Digital archiving
  • Improved cash flow & Regulatory Compliance

Our Vast Range of Services Offer

  • Private document sharing
  • Group file sharing
  • Secure External file sharing
  • Online workshop
  • Adding task
  • Huge online document storage
  • Synchronization with PC/Mac
  • Network drive mapping
  • Document editing without MS office
  • Document workflow and Version History

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