At NM Informatics, we offer comprehensive Website Designing services that not only satisfy the sense of aesthetics of online buyers and visitors, but also fulfill the purpose of your business by creating a lasting impression in the minds of people.

Why Us

NM Informatics is an industry leader in the professional Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce, and many more that are essentially one-stop place that is offering a full range of solutions for anyone looking to succeed in their online endeavours. NM Informatics is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions.

Quality Control

For every project we deliver the QA team has set guidelines to deliver them to the current market standards, having all as a checklist its ensured that the delivery is full proof and any issues (if any) are ironed out.

Data Security

Our infrastructure and security system ensures that all the communication and work is handled with utmost security. We even sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with our client detailing all the terms.


We focus on what we are good at, not trying to be jack of all trades we try to concentrate on solutions we can deliver. Clarity is the first thing you will notice about us.


We handpick our talents from the finest institutes making sure they are top notch, after which the internal training team is deployed to polish them up with the latest market standards. You know that you are in safe hands.


Our 10,000 sq ft located in the main IT sector of the city is 7 star rated by Crisil, we have a state of the art infrastructure for development and recreation.

Knowledge Powerhouse

We have talents who specialise in different aspects. With such a variety of talents the knowledgebase which is drawn is quite remarkable and makes sure that work can flow seamlessly.

Honest Advice

We will always be plain and upfront, test us out. If we are not into a certain technology or domain we will be upfront and won’t have any kind of shame putting it in front of you.


We are here to make money (for us and you both). Do not take us in a wrong way but we know what matters most is what you take back home, we run a business and know you will also invest where you can make some decent money too.


Flexibility and Adaptability is important, for every business and we know we have to deliver, so we have to be flexible too. Our resources are groomed for it from day one.

Partner, not provider

Think of us as partners, where we take care of all your technical needs, in return we get a share of what you make. Obviously, we work on project basis too but there too we love contributing to your growth.

Technology Adopters

Talk of any new technologies, you think we can help you out with, we would be more than inclined to assist you in that. We keep our self in the loop of what’s going around so that we are never behind then the world.


Our fanatical support will help you in the long run where we assure you that we are always with you when you need. Support is being there and assisting where we can.